LWAYVE Elevates the Event EXPERIENCE
through the power of sound

Optimize Operational Insight and Enhance Fan Experience

Fan experience

LWAYVE is contextually aware; an audio experience that expands your event beyond the walls of the venue. It’s the living, breathing voice that changes with the time of day and location of the listener. Valued content triggered by where you are and when.


  • Download and Discover
  • Get Primed for the Event
  • Plan Your Experience


  • Real-Time Updates
  • On-Site Interviews
  • Value-Based Activations
  • Shareable Moments


  • Event Recaps
  • Highlights and Memories

Measurable Results

The results are plain to see – LWAYVE’s data dashboards and post-event data packages give a concise overview of the positive impact LWAYVE has on your event or venue. We provide real, quantifiable results that deepen your operational insight.

The results are measured in real-time; showing operational teams a clear event picture at any moment in time. Operational control is real and quantifiable.

Event Metrics Tell You:

  • What are the driving patterns?
  • Where and when is the audio content discovered?
  • How many listened to situational audio (real-time updates to the schedule)?
  • Did the announcement change behaviour?
  • What are the audio content preferences?
  • Did popularity drive attendance?
  • What venues and activations reached capacity and when?
  • How did the audio content guide the attendee during the event and in the event city?

Monetizable Engagements

LWAYVE is sponsor friendly. The audio platform helps to drive traffic, enhance brand, augment activations, and embedded content and shareable moments.

It’s a unique platform that allows activations through sound, social sharing, and omni-channel opportunities.

Audio placements, direct messages, and content that is authentic, meaningful, and connected to a wider network – all embedded within the product.

Sponsors can activate through:

  • Audio placements which increase reach and impression impact.
  • Call to actions, driving traffic and increasing activation engagement.
  • Showing value through messages played, shared, and amplified via direct messages and linkable content; all embedded in the product.
  • Economic indicators, offering predictive value and shown by time and dollars spent at specific locations.
  • Customized audio content that cuts through the “media noise”; authentic in tone and driven by meaningful experiences and value.

Easily integrated

LWAYVE’s Software Development Kit is easily integrated into any mobile application. Developers can create their own playback controls, or use LWAYVE’s pre-built play button, content animations, notifications, and outer band. Integration time is minimized so customers can spend their time delivering fantastic experiences to their users.

After integration into your app:

  • Using Lixar’s custom audio engine, the SDK delivers an audio experience, unique to each listener, as envisioned by the audio experience designer. 
  • The SDK monitors and responds to important context changes such as location, time, and preferences to deliver timely, relevant audio to your app users. 
  • Notifies your app users when there are special announcements through customizable banner notifications and ticker messages. 
  • Alerts the listener when there is new content for them to listen to using Lixar’s signature wave animation .

The Outer Band



  • Audio Triggers

    Long press play to activate the outer band. Links are contextual to the audio, and can change for each audio clip. Link to URLs, ticketing platforms, hotels, maps, and more. The Outer Band is flexible to your needs.

  • Ancillary Support

    The Outer Band gives you a customizable platform to grow your partnerships. Connect any and every audio clip to ancillary revenue through customizable icons and URLs.


The contextual audio platform allows you to deliver high-quality audio to your customers, tailored to precise times, locations, and situations. LWAYVE becomes the voice of your event; an audio guide providing personal, curated & valued content. Enhance your event experience by learning more before you arrive. During the event, stay in-the-know with situational updates & on-site interviews. Enjoy the curated captured memories after it’s over.


Real-Time Updates
Simple and Easy to Use
Curated, Contextual Content
Pre-During-Post Event Audio Discovery Guide
Community-Connected Destinations and Incentives
Geo-Based Content Triggered by Time & Place
Exclusive Interviews and Local Insights
Amplifiable Value through Sharable Links
Crowd-Sourced Content


Real-Time Operational Control
Platform Triggered by Time and Place
Situational Updates
Data Insights and Visualizations
Economic Impacts and Measurable Results
Sponsors Friendly Activations and Experiences
Monetizable Pathway Metrics
Embedded Ancillary Revenue
Easily Integrated SDK


Easy to Use
Real People, Real Stories
Cutting Edge
Exclusive Info
Unique Fan Experience


Real-Time, Visualized Data
Measurable Results
Sponsor Friendly
Integrated SDK
Communications Link b/w Operations & Fans